Online football manager game
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Online football manager game
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zManager | Online football manager game

The online football manager game with an exciting live match engine.
Online football manager game
All matches take place in real-time, with great sound and text effects to make matches fun to watch. All this on top of an in-depth and realistic match engine.

zManager is a online football manager game where you run your own team.

• Do you want to play matches more than once a week?
• Create private a cup for your school, office or friendship group.
• Want to play against your friends, not just people you do not know?

Free to play (and always will be!)
Create, train and manage your own team from scratch.
Don't just watch your matches, make live tactical changes!
Enter both league and cup competitons.
Play your friends by creating custom competitions.
Join in with the friendly zManager community.
Over 75 countries to compete against!

Football fans who enjoy keeping up with the winners and losers of the sport, can get involved online and bet on the outcome for the all the professional matches in the premier league, World Cup, UEFA champion’s league and more. In this year’s premier league the minds on the benches will be pitting the biggest clubs against each other. New managers like Mourinho and Moyes, who both have less than a year with their new club under their belts, will meet with veteran Arsenal FC manager Wenger, who have been with his club longer than any other.
Join the zManager online football manager game, get your own team and start managing now!
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